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Do You Really Know?

My personal experience with electronic entertainment equipment varies between complete bliss and pure frustration. For me, Murphy’s law always seems to rear its ugly head when it’s least convenient.

One time, we were providing video and music for an Austin Way Magazine event at Antone’s, and everything looked great at the pre-show run through. I took a music server, a hard drive, and a router to the event, intending to provide high-quality music for the party, DJ from my phone, and mingle at the same time. I figured that with everything located on-site and using my own secure network, nothing could go wrong. It worked perfectly in our store before the event but when the party everything went south really fast. The music server kept displaying the error message, ‘Sorry, Try Again Later.’ Luckily, I had brought a CD case and CD player as backup.

With the advent of digital music and video via local or wide-area networking, the chance of frustration when using these technologies is unfortunately very high. I can tell you that today almost everything electronic you bring home has a Wi-Fi chip in it, even when it doesn’t seem necessary. So, that fancy toaster you just bought and plugged in is clogging up your wireless network and allowing Murphy’s law to do its thing.

Let’s face it, the adage ‘you can’t live with it, but you can’t live without it’ really applie