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CEDIA: Trade Show Surprises

As members of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design Integration Association), fall is the time of year for us to attend our industry trade show. As an organization, CEDIA works hard to improve and standardize the industry we work in. This year the show took place in Dallas and was a massive success.

In addition to training and industry meetings the trade show allows use to spend several days getting exposure to new products and technology. This year, we experienced a wide variety of new products, some of which are described in more detail below:

Digital Projection

DPI showed us a new eVision laser-based projection system with 4K resolution and 10,000 lumens of light output. Projection options with this type of performance have historically brought an opening price point of just under $100K. This new model is projected to have a price under $25K. This single chip projector has been very popular in a 1080p version and will no doubt be a hot item with 3840 x 2150 resolution and a brightness capable of developing huge images.

Color Beam Lighting