DJS and McIntosh - A Long History

McIntosh front panel

At DJS, we’ve worked with McIntosh for decades, and we can honestly say that their product line deserves its prestigious reputation. Whether you invest in old collector’s equipment or the latest version fresh from their factory in Binghamton, NY, you are guaranteed to get great sound and the renowned McIntosh experience.

McIntosh’s patented “Power Guard” circuitry was developed to ensure that distortion was kept out of the sound when the system is taxed beyond capacity. This can happen easily with the extreme dynamic range of digital sources or analog albums. This unique technology monitors the amplifier’s operation, corrects for overload, and assures great sound.

McIntosh Tube Amplifier

The modern technology incorporated into the latest McIntosh equipment delivers a sound that continues to set the standard for high quality music systems. Never fear, though—the classic glass and blue meters are still there to enjoy.

We have McIntosh equipment in our store in Davenport Village to audition at your convenience. If you would like a personal demonstration or an opportunity to try some in your home, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to make arrangements.

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