How-To: Proper Setup of Speakers in Your Room

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Buying excellent speakers for your music or video system is the first step towards getting great sound in your room. The placement of those speakers in your room has a profound effect on the excellence of sound that is achieved. We are factory trained by our manufacturers to set up their products in your home. We include this custom set up as a necessary part of the sale and will come to your home with everything needed to optimize the sound of your new speakers and your system. Sometimes a fraction of inch can make all the difference in making music come alive in your home.

For example virtually no box type speaker sounds best right up against a wall. How far the speaker is placed from the wall affects the bass response greatly. Too close to the wall can make the bass sound muddy and undefined. Too far away can minimize the power of the bass response so we are seeking the perfect placement from the wall for your speakers.

To maximize clear precise center imaging of voice and other instruments the speakers need to be the perfect distance apart from each other. The toe in, or angle of the speakers pointing towards the listener is also critical to produce a clear image from your speakers reminiscent of a real musical event or film experience.

If your speaker is to be placed in a built in cabinet the speaker should be placed to the very front of the cabinet to minimize reflections from the cabinet itself that would be detrimental to the sound quality. Putting space around the speaker is a good idea to eliminate the “boxy” effect that can occur when a speaker interacts with your cabinet walls. Properly placed foam can also be effective to minimize reflections.

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