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No more TV black bars!

Have you ever watched a great movie and thought the whole time, “Oh I wish I didn’t have to see those black bars on the top and bottom?” You are not alone! At DJS we help customers get rid of their black bars in a number of innovative ways.

Today’s TV video is produced in HDTV format with a 16:9 or 1.78 ratio of width to height. Often this is the same for DVD and streaming content. And today many movie studios produce in Cinema Wide format with a 2.35:1 ratio of width to height. Your TV or projector has no choice but to put black (or gray) bars above and below this shorter image if it is to fit in the same width as your TV or projection screen.

What you want is “constant height” HD video. DJS gives our customers several ways to improve their video experience. For projection screen TV, DJS can fit your projector with a special lens which makes the wide image fill the screen. This works to fill the screen and give you constant height.

Today’s modern projectors have “lens memory” which allows them to fill the screen regardless of whether the input is HDTV or Wide. Paired with a masking system which makes the screen fit the video, your projector and screen combination gives you the constant height you are looking for.

Our partner, Screen Innovations Inc. is the acknowledged worldwide leader in high quality projection screens. And they are based right here in Austin, Texas! Visit Recently SI has released IntelliMask, the world’s most innovative screen masking system. See a video here: