Robust Networks: the Key to Success

Illustration of cell phone and imagined networks

Today’s homes and businesses rely on the reliable operation of a wired and wireless network more than ever before. Your network is now key to your information needs as well as your audio and video experience, and the control of your home or business, among other needs.

At DJS we install and maintain high performing networks. These networks must likewise be secure both physically and logically, allowing only authorized access and no “open ports.”

Our customers enjoy our ability to monitor, update, identify and resolve network problems, all without making you meet a technician at your home. DJS knows the interaction of A/V and control systems on IP networks. For example, DJS recognizes that certain wireless whole-house audio systems require equipment with specific network protocols in order to be efficient. When the wrong routers and switches are installed they cannot be configured to prevent runaway network traffic which will invariably result.

With the strong and fast in place, DJS Crestron control systems can control and route today’s 4K video and audio throughout your home or business. See

With your reliable, secure and monitored network, DJS makes it possible to enjoy your content in any room, and then continue watching in any other room. And your network speeds will stay at their highest possible levels for all your networking needs.

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