You May Already Own A Crestron-Compatible Touchscreen

Crestron systems are compatible with iPhone and Android phones and tablets! If you already own a Crestron system or have been thinking about adding one to your home, you can easily control that system with one of these devices. There is nothing more convenient than using your cell phone to control the systems around your house. You can browse your music, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, do anything any other Crestron control can do – and the best part is that you already own it.

iPad with National Geographic Cover on Screen

In order to use your portable device to control your Crestron System, all you have to do is go to the device’s application store and purchase the software. This software will allow your Crestron programming team to create another control device and add it to your system. The cost of this programming is similar to that of any other Crestron two-way control device but the need to buy an expensive touchpanel is eliminated. What you can control is only dependent on what your Crestron system is equipped or programmed to do.

So if you were thinking about purchasing a second remote or an in-wall touch panel and you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone, iPad, or even a Mac or PC, you can make that device serve the same purpose with just the cost of programming.

Android and iPhone

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