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We can’t count the number of times a prospective client has come to us with the same comment, “I just want it to be simple.” We find today’s technology is not simple and a complete understanding of many aspects is required to gain the benefit that technology can bring.   Advanced automation systems are extremely complex, yet when applied correctly can completely simplify the user’s experience. A truly custom automation system will present the user with controls that are easy to understand and logical in their nature.  Our custom interfaces are layered in a way that an inexperienced user can immediately operate the basics of the system.  Our intuitive systems give a power user access to all the technology available. Media Rooms are typically the most complicated electronic environments to master.  A complete understanding of everything impacting performance is essential to designing and implementing a state of the art media system.  Be it commercial or residential, the outcome must be the same.  The highest level of performance must be achieved with the least amount of effort on the user’s part.


Advanced Media Room Featuring Wisdom Audio and UHD Display

Integrated Media System with Disappearing Screen

Lakeside Multiscreen Media System With Outdoor Audio

Outdoor Entertainment at its Finest

Pro-Ject Turntable State of the Art Retro

Sonus Faber Olympica Speaker System

Egglestonworks and Mark Levinson at Ducati Austin

Fully Integrated Outdoor Entertainment

DJS Experience Center Davenport Village

DJS Experience Center Davenport Village

DJS Experience Center Davenport Village

Hideaway Entertainment System

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DJS Experience Center Davenport Village

Hideaway Entertainment System

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Advanced Media System

DJS Experience Center Davenport Village

Advanced Media System

Advanced Automation System - Residential

Project Showcase

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The prospective owners of this project approached DJS Inc. in 2002 about providing a state of the art home automation and entertainment system.  The design of the system began before the ground was ever broken on the 19,000 square foot home.  The home was designed by John Fitzpatrick Architecture and the home was built by Tim Hill builder.  Both of these Austin veterans had worked with Dale Johnson in the past. 


The home features a custom Crestron automation system with central distribution of audio and video from an equipment room and commercial grade equipment enclosures.  Over 50 miles of wire was used to provide the infrastructure for this massive three level home.  The lower floor of the home is dedicated to nothing but fun with a golf simulator, state-of-the-art home theater, billiards and card room, bar area, wine cellar and kids media room.


The outdoor entertainment system utilizes 12,000 watts of power and speakers that blend into the landscaping covering the pool and putting green. Coverage included terraces on three levels with individual speakers and music sources for each area. 


Custom software was created to control the intricate audio and video distribution which was distributed to thirty-six zones independently.  The media room features a European LED projection system with massive Bel Canto amplifiers and seven world class Egglestonworks studio monitors for sound.


The project took almost four years from the first design meeting to the final turning of the key.  The scale and quality of the electronic system is as breathtaking as the view of Austin from the terrace seen in these photos.

Project Showcase

Project Citation:


In 2010 Dale Johnson Systems was approached by an Austin family to provide state of the art capability for a home located on the water in the Highland Lakes area.  The vacation home needed to provide great entertainment and ease of use.  Central distribution of video and audio was an absolute necessity as well as simple control over multi-screen media rooms found in more than one location in the home. Even the boat dock has a media room with multiple screens and Crestron simplified control.


Crestron Digital Media was chosen to deliver quality and reliability.  The project design called for sixteen full HD displays with three TVs in the family room and two TVs in the Kitchen.  The centralized Crestron system provided a seamless look at every TV location without the unsightly presence of electronics at each screen.  The Crestron system allows the family to access any source in any room or any combination of rooms.


The same centralized approach was implemented with the house music system.  With lots of power and lots of speakers sound is evenly distributed throughout the home, its multiple terraces and its multiple boat docks.  Simple wall mounted keypads allow any music to be selected and adjusted in any of the locations from inside and out as well as from a handy tablet device.


Crestron control via iPad was utilized to allow operation when indoors or outside as well as simple hand remotes for lounging in front of any of the HD displays.  With DJS Inc.’s custom written software the operation of this very complex system was condensed in every way possible to allow basic or complex tasks to be performed in the easiest fashion.


Project Showcase

Tour de Toys:


In 2012 Dale Johnson Systems teamed up with Ducati Austin to present the “Tour de Toys” event at Ducati Austin’s showroom in Austin.  It was a weekend of high-end AV equipment surrounded by the coolest Italian motorcycles around.  This was a one of a kind event where many people enjoyed experiencing an eclectic mix of machine and technology.


On the main showroom floor DJS set up a high-end two channel audio system featuring Mark Levinson No.52 mono-block amplifiers driving massive EgglestonWorks Savoy Signature speakers.  The speakers were shipped in by EgglestonWorks in a single crate weighing over 600 lbs.  Jim Thompson from Eggleston flew in to give a presentation on the fabulous reference speaker system.  A Mark Levinson preamplifier and SACD player were combined with a Pro-Ject turntable to provide a day of music reproduction delivered in a way Austin has never seen.  Flanking the music system were new Ducati motorcycles that the attendees could take for a spin after checking out the tunes.


In a section of the motorcycle repair shop DJS set up a home theater system featuring a Runco D73d Ultra projection system.  Offering 3D done right, Runco is the only display manufacturer to offer a 3D solution based on proprietary CSV™ (Constant Stereoscopic Video) architecture. Runco CSV is a vastly superior approach to 3D visualization that enables seamless decoding, syncing and merging of stereo images and delivers a constant HD image to each eye without the flicker, distortion, or discomfort inherent in other approaches. Runco CSV utilizes unique passive glasses technology, which is proven to be superior for the viewer and is usually only available in the finest public theaters.


The new Runco 3Dimensions Series D-73d projector is based on an evolution of Runco’s award-winning lamp-less LED technology. Beyond light source innovation, Runco’s LED based projectors produce the largest color gamut ever available in front projection; achieving and exceeding the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) standards.  The theater demonstration included more Mark Levinson electronics and EgglestonWorks Andra III speakers to keep the audio up to the benchmark performance of the video display. 


The end result was a weekend of fun, food, incredible electronics and fast motorcycles.  An event to be remembered.